being second choice

I don’t know if this is a commonality among everyone’s experiences, but I’ve recently had the experience of realising that I’m everyone’s second choice.

And god it feels like shit.

I don’t want to go out anymore because every time I do, my friend is snapchatting her boyfriend, or another one will be yawning and be bored the whole time. Even every time I try to talk to my mother she’s too engrossed with work or a conversation with someone else that she doesn’t have time for me.

I don’t even know how to handle it, I mean how do you?

Get new friends? Confront them about it just for them to go back to their ways? There’s really nothing I can do.

I honestly hate couples who third wheel friends. If you third wheel a friend, you are a bad couple. If you become so absorbed with a person that you stop giving a shit about someone that you care about then that person is not healthy for you or you’re a shit person.


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